A self-improvement educational organization for businesses and individuals.

About Us

Corrin Gani, CPA*


holds a Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Science, and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. As an entrepreneur, she built a successful business applying the methods and ethical principles she now teaches. 

 *This is not a CPA firm. 

Purpose Through Ethics


The Ethical Volition® business philosophy was developed by Dr. Albert Gani in his 40+ years of consulting work.  

Ethics may not be the shortest 

way to success, but is certainly the surest 

and most durable.

If you entirely devote yourself to truth and integrity, we guarantee that you will find your task, a sense of purpose and mission which will  perpetually motivate and energize you.

You will find the right  balance between work and rest. You will experience confidence in what  you think, feel and do. With these tools, even losses will be found to  be successes, stepping-stones, not stumbling blocks.

Lecture Topics & Seminars Include


  • Falling in Love with Your Work
  • Healthy Balance: Work & Rest
  • Goal Setting
  • The Unconscious in Career Selection
  • Dealing with Burnout
  • Money
  • Ethical Sales
  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Establishing Healthy Boundaries
  • Ethical Management
  • Leadership
  • Personality Types  
  • Communications/Team Dynamics
  • Confrontation
  • Decision Making  
  • The Mother/Father Split®
  • The Switch at Puberty®