A self-improvement educational firm helping organizations and individuals.

About Us

Albert Gani

 Albert Gani has practiced his Ethical Volition® method  since 1973. His experience includes fourteen years in international  trade, and more importantly, over fifty thousand hours of group and  individual work, helping people find purpose, self-leadership, and their  task in life.

He encourages those working with him by using his  own crises and struggles as examples of what can be overcome. His work  has taken him from coast to coast in the United States, as well as  Europe and Mexico. He has authored over twenty books which include  Ethical Volition® and Know Thyself. 

Our Method

 We believe that ethics may not be the shortest way to success, but that it is certainly the surest and most durable.

Truth  brings clarity as it transcends unnecessary self-imposed rules. It will  get you to the uncovering of your sense of ethics much faster than the  short cuts and compromises that you have up-to-now chosen to take.

If  you entirely devote yourself to truth and integrity, we guarantee that  you will find your task, a sense of purpose and mission which will  perpetually motivate and energize you.

You will find the right  balance between work and rest. you will experience confidence in what  you think, feel and do. With these tools, even losses will be found to  be successes, steppingstones, not stumbling blocks.

Ethical  Volition® helps people take the yes, buts... out of their lives. Our  three areas of focus are: Management Development, Teamwork/Communication  Seminars, and The Gani Method.

Lecture Topics & Seminars Include

  • The Mother/Father Split®
  • The Switch at Puberty®
  • Goal Setting
  • The Unconscious in Career Selection
  • Dealing with Burnout
  • Money
  • Ethical Sales
  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Ethical Management
  • Personality Types  
  • Communications/Team Dynamics
  • Confrontation
  • Decision Making